On Friday 9th April we celebrated our 50 year anniversary with a special event. The day began with a smoking ceremony to officially open Maipattawirra, the nature play area designed and built by OHSC. Robert Taylor conducted the ceremony, which was attended by community dignitaries, past staff members and students, current staff and students and parents. We are grateful that so many members of our community were able to attend, including the Honourable John Gardiner MP, Frances Bedford MP, Toni Zappia MP and Mayor Kevin Knight. Guests were provided with a school tour of the gym, Music room, STEM building and Library, to see an amazing display of artefacts showing the school’s 50 year history, collated by Tracey White and Gayle Morris.

Many past staff were also able to attend for our special assembly, attended under the Mosquito tree. The combined choirs sand and we were honoured to hear from Caroline Fehlberg, a past principal at the school as well as the Minister for Education, John Gardiner and current principal Sue Wirth. We appreciate the support provided by our community, families, staff and students. We thank the Minister, the Honourable John Gardiner for his attendance, Robert Taylor who held a Smoking Ceremony to open Maipattawirra, as well as staff and families for their contributions to the wonderful day.