At Modbury West School we offer many programs and activities which enhance student learning and wellbeing.

Australian Curriculum

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The school curriculum we offer sits within the broad context of the Australian Curriculum Version 8.1 (hyperlink below).

As well as offering outstanding Performing Arts and PE programs with specialist teachers, our students have the opportunity to participate in a full range of extra curricular activities including

  • junior and senior choir
  • environmental science
  • STEM
  • netball
  • football
  • basketball
  • instrumental music
  • recycling
  • and a variety of academic competitions through the University of NSW.


Our specialist PE teacher works with classes each week with an emphasis on participation and collaboration. Students from Year 5 have the opportunity to represent our school in SAPSASA (SA Primary Schools Sports Association) competitions in sports such as netball, athletics, cross country and swimming.

We hold a sports day each year where students in house teams participate in a program of cooperative tabloid events and sprints. With parent support we are able to offer after school sport competition and students are able to play basketball through our OSHC program. Students across the school participate in either swimming or aquatics lessons each year.

Sports Day


Year 5, 6 & 7 students have the opportunity to join our Senior Choir which works towards a performance at the Festival Theatre in September each year during the Festival of Music. The opportunity exists for students to audition as a soloist, compere, member of the dance troupe or as an orchestral member at this Festival.

Reception to Year 4 students are able to join our Junior Singers choir. Both choirs also perform at our annual music evening, school assemblies and other events.


This year children will learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). This has been identified as a Department for Education priority to enrich children’s learning in the areas of Science, Mathematics by using a range of Technologies and creating a variety of engineering prototypes. Students in the class will be challenged and engaged to develop Critical Thinking skills to becoming real-world problem solvers. Students will use their prior knowledge of the curriculum subjects and apply their skills in innovative ways using collaboration, problem-solving and interdisciplinary thinking.


Ngadlu tampinthi ngadlu Kaurna yartangka tikanthi

We acknowledge we live on Kaurna land.

Modbury West School acknowledges and celebrates that Aboriginal Culture is the oldest continuing culture in the world.

Strong identity, belonging, culture and history are a source of strength for Aboriginal students. Nunga Kids Group provides a unique opportunity for Aboriginal students to participate and make connections with each other and the wider Aboriginal community.


Japanese is the LOTE subject at Modbury West School and is taught to all students, from Foundation through to year 6. Each class has one 50 minute lesson per week. Japanese culture and language are very much interconnected, therefore, culture is taught throughout the year, in conjunction with language teaching. Students are taught about the significance of different festivals in Japan and can celebrate Children’ Day (Kodomo no hi) here at school on May 5th. The Japanese program follows the Australian Curriculum ‘Languages’ for the content

Student Voice

Student Voice describes the opportunities that students have to contribute to decisions made in their classroom and are made at Modbury West. As a school community we believe that students who feel they have their opinions valued are more likely to engage with their learning and develop a sense of belonging and responsibility across the school campus. Student leaders meet to discuss aspects of the school and how they can contribute to improved outcomes for students, environment and student engagement.

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